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HOP #9: Kelly McDonnell-Arnold’s journey to becoming a Sexologist

Happiness of Pursuit Episode 9

Happiness of Pursuit – Episode #9

Never stop learning & Fill your corner with people who fan your flame. – Kelly McDonnell-Arnold, Certified Sexologist, Owner of Bliss Therapy [CLICK TO TWEET]

Kelly McDonnell-Arnold’s journey to becoming a Certified Sexologist

It was so fun chatting with Kelly today about her journey to become a “Certified Sexologist,” something I didn’t even know was possible – and ironically neither did Kelly! She found out that there was a degree being offered in Australia for “sexology,” which led to one of the most awkward first day at school stories I have ever heard.

Kelly’s journey came from a burning desire to understand why it was so taboo to ask and talk about sex. She took that passion and created one of the most unique stories I have heard, about such a life-changing subject.

Kelly McDonnell-Arnold is a Certified Sexologist with a Masters degree in Sexology. She is also a registered social worker and psychotherapist and Founder of Bliss Individual and Relationship Therapy, which is a specialized private counselling practice located in Uptown Waterloo. Kelly also has an MBA specializing in health care administration and is about to launch Sexology International, which is an online platform committed to providing modern, relevant and reliable sexology information, from an inclusive and sex-positive perspective, with her good friend and fellow sexologist.

In addition to running an effective private practice, Kelly continues to spread knowledge in her field by presenting at a variety of conferences, such as the World Congress for Sexual Health, the University of Guelph Sexuality Conference and a number of other Medical Conferences in Ontario.

She is a Regular on Rogers Daytime and contributes to a number of media channels and magazines.

What you will learn on this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

  • In this episode, we talk about how Kelly turned unanswered questions about sex into a career and growing business.
  • She shares one of the best first day of class stories I have ever heard
  • She gives some incredible advice about following your passion and never stop learning.
  • There were some minor audio issues, if you want to skip them, move ahead to 7:00 minutes (that’s also right when the story get’s great!).

How to Connect with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold:

Twitter: @Therapy_Bliss

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