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3 of The Biggest Lessons From 100 Podcast Interviews

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #99

100+ stories about people who have followed their passion to build a business, a better life, or to simply give back!

When I started this journey, I had no clue where it was going. What became inherently clear quickly after I started – was just the simple fact that we NEED TO START.

Here are three of the most common lessons I have learned from all of the great guests.

Just Start

I remember putting off starting the podcast for months! I had so many excuses – I don’t have the right equipment, I need to build a studio, I don’t even know how to get it on iTunes and the most common of all, which everyone seems to use: I don’t have time.

The honest truth, I had too much self-doubt hiding in the background that I didn’t want to start.

Fortunately, I was able to muster enough courage to do it, and I haven’t looked back. It has opened so many doors, and unique opportunities.

The biggest result from starting has been the growth. I have met so many people doing incredible things that it has pushed me to expand my own personal limits.

There is no secret sauce to success, you just need to start!

As cliche as it sounds, you can’t finish a marathon without taking the first step.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

One of the most common themes I hear from a guest of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast has been their agreement that you MUST get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

That discomfort means you are growing. It is just like working out.

After a good workout, you like feel some pain, maybe some fatigue. After a few weeks of doing it consistently, you feel and look amazing.

The same thing is true on the mental side of your life, yet very few of us are willing to push those boundaries.

When I first launched my podcast and listened to an episode I was horrified. I couldn’t believe how my voice sounded, and how much I stuttered. Now, after 100+ interviews, it comes a lot more natural.

What was even more surprising, was how my interviewing techniques improved and helped in other aspects of my life and business.

If you want to grow personally or professionally, you need to seek out those things that make you uncomfortable and face them head on!

Believe In Yourself

Finally, the single most important lesson I learned from my guests, and it is a hard one for most to accept – you must believe in yourself!

Everyone has a skill or talent that the world values. No matter how small, or insignificant you think that might be – TRUST ME – there is a way to share that value with the world and build a profitable business.

Just this week I met an inspiring entrepreneur who is making an amazing business selling bacon as a gift product – yes, he’s making bacon selling bacon. What was impressive about his business, is he found a way to help local meat shops reach new customers by sharing his passion for quality meats.

There’s a powerful quote that I constantly draw inspiration from;

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. – Marrianne Williamson

The moment when you begin to believe in yourself is when you will begin to unlock your true potential.

The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea. – Dr. Peter Diamandis


It has been a true honor to have the privilege of sharing so many great entrepreneurial and philanthropic stories. I look forward to the next 100.

Please be sure to tune in to LIVE Episode 100 at Facebook.com/douglasjfoley on Sept 21 at 10:00am PST/ 1:00PM EST (or catch the replay at douglasjfoley.com/100).



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HOP #16: How Book In A Box is changing an industry with co-founder Zach Obront

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast Episode 16 with Zach Obront

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode 16

The difference between being mission oriented and income oriented with co-founder of Book In A Box, Zach Obront

If you have read the 4-hour Work Week, or have become familiar with the term “passive” income than you’re going to love today’s episode.

In this episode, Zach Obront shares his story about how he moved from his multiple “income oriented” businesses to his current “mission oriented” current business, Book In A Box.

Zach tells emotional success stories about how Book In A Box allows anyone to write a book, even if they are not a writer. Many of which, helped incredible people share their story with the world, who would have otherwise not been able to do so. These stories alone are worth listening too.

Book In A Box has completely turned the publishing industry upside down.

What you will learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • How taking action will help you find a passion
  • The being mission-oriented leads to greater success than an income-oriented focus
  • How anyone is capable of writing their own book
  • BONUS: Download a copy of Zach’s book – “The Book In A Box Method” (click here)

How to connect with Zach Obront:

Twitter: @ZachObront
Website: Book In A Box
Book: The Book In A Box Method (Free Download Here)

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