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Episode #69 with Barbara Siemen, Founder of The Chick Wire

Stop the excuses…go do what you love! I just signed up for an adult dance class, and I suck at dancing

Imagine building a blog, a social media following, and a highly engaged audience – and then receiving a letter from a Fortune 100 business telling you to shut it all down…

That is exactly what happened to Barara Siemen, and her first blog “Farm Barbie”. Her original blog shared her life “on the farm” and her name was “Barbara”, so “Farm Barbie” was a perfect fit – unless your Mattel!

After a tough legal battle, Barbra had no choice but to shut everything down. For most people, that would be the end of blogging. Driven by a purpose to create a stronger generation of women (especially for her daughter) she dusted herself off and reemerged as The Chick Wire.

Now, Barbra shares stories of empowering women from students to a firefighter.

Howdy folks! I’m Barbara, Founder of The Chick Wire (formerly Farm Barbie). I grew up a city chick but now I live on a farm in Michigan with my husband, Darrin, and children, Elliott, Adrienne, and Riley. We have milk cows, beef cattle, and grow corn, wheat, sugar beets and hay in Huron and Sanilac counties…

After a traumatic encounter with an older boyfriend at barely 18 years old, I was broken, afraid, and suspicious of everyone. Then, in college, I met an adorable farmer with big muscles and he promised to always love me, never hurt me, and take me places. I fell in love with him, his occupation, and his community.

Through all the years we’ve been together, I’ve been broken and repaired many times. I’ve had many surgeries, injuries, and lived in extraordinary and unexplainable pain. I found respite in connecting with consumers and other farmers through blogging.
However, in early 2016, blogging as Farm Barbie ended due to a legal dispute with Mattel, and I was broken again. After months of struggling with depression, feelings of inferiority, and lack of purpose, I realized I didn’t even know my true authentic self. I had completely immersed myself in the farming lifestyle, while raising children, being a good wife, and trying to forget my painful past. But, I had never developed ME as a woman.

The Chick Wire is my journey of discovering myself through connecting with you. I think everyone is interesting, and has a story to tell. I’ve hidden my story for too long, and the shame of it has stolen my sparkle for 20 years. But that record is getting broken now, too. Slowly, my pieces are coming back together.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • How to rebound by taking action
  • The crucial role vulnerability plays in your personal growth
  • Why you should start a podcast
  • How “listening” will open new doors, and build better relationships

How to connect with Barbara Siemen:




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