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How To Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #96 with JJ Flizanes

You cannot find a solution in the same state of mind that created it!

Have you struggled with diets?

Let’s be honest, we all have! That’s why I was so excited to talk with someone who started an “Anti-diet movement”.

The description of JJ newest book, “The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight & End Body Shame”, sums up our conversation perfectly:

If you’ve struggled with finding a deeper, healthier, and happier connection to your body, food, and lifestyle, the Invisible Fitness Formula is the answer. Recent research in mind –body medicine indicates that if we are truly going to heal the obesity epidemic that has tripled in the past fifty years, a holistic, mindful approach is key (click here to buy it on Amazon).

JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and Host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast Show. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, an Amazon best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life, and author of Knack Absolute Abs: Routines for a Fit and Firm Core, and was named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles by Elite Traveler Magazine. Her newest book, The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight & End Body Shame debuted at #2 on Amazon’s Best Seller List and New Hot Release for Women’s Health. JJ vividly reminds us that the word ‘fitness’ is not just about the state of one’s physical body, but also the factors which determine a person’s overall well being. And, for JJ, the key components in all these areas are ‘invisible’ — balanced support structures of nutrition, emotional centeredness and health. A video expert for About.com and regular contributor for The Daily Love, JJ has been featured in many national magazines such as Shape, Fitness, Muscle and Fitness HERS, Elegant Bride, and Women’s Health as well as appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox 11 and KTLA. For her clients & followers, JJ designs customized coaching programs and unique, versatile approaches that harmonize the emotional, the mental and the spiritual (http://jjflizanes.com/about/

In This Episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast, JJ Flizanes shares the following:

  • How to listen to your inner voice
  • The importance of finding clarity within yourself
  • Why you need to disconnect
  • How she overcame body shame issues and built an “anti-diet” movement

The surfer doesn’t creat the wave – Be more like the surfer, catch it, and ride it.

How to Connect with JJ Flizanes:

JJ Flizanes on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast - Episode #96

  • https://www.facebook.com/jflizanes/
  • http://invisiblefitnessformula.com
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The Safest Way to Become an Entrepreneur

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #77 with Karem Kalin

The Safest Way to Become an Entrepreneur and The Truth About Network Marketing

You can’t get to the end without going through the middle

I had the privilege of meeting Karem Kalin at a local entrepreneur breakfast where we heard Dragon Den Host (aka Dragon) and Best-selling Author of “The Wealthy Barber,” David Chilton speak. What was more interesting after getting to know Karem, she actually pitched her business idea on Dragons Den (for my American listeners, that’s the Canadian version of Shark Tank).

What really impressed me, was Karem’s keen ability to take action.

The entire goal of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast was to inspire people to take action and pursue the life they want to live, and in doing so I believe they will find true happiness – well that is exactly what Karem did…

Ironically, the idea she pitched on Dragon’s Den (which she explains at about 5:25 in the episode), got to the point where it was too much and it led her to an opportunity with Arbonne, a Network Marketing Company. After 2 short years, Karem was able to replace her salary at her job in public health, which she had worked at for over 15 years.

Since leaving her job, Karem’s business has exploded and she now has the time and resources to pursue her true passion of traveling the globe with her family.

What you will learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • The truth about network marketing (and how to find the right opportunity)
  • How go jump all in
  • How to find opportunities to fulfil your dream lifestyle
  • The importance of taking action

How to connect with Karem Kalin:



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How To Write Your Own Success Story

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #76 with AJ Adams

How to Write Your Own Success Story

You’re not a passive character in your success story, you’re the author!

I came across AJ’s work on Instagram and knew instantly that he was going to be a perfect guest for the show…

Impacted so deeply by the tragedy at Columbine, AJ was literally shocked into action. Working humbly as a janitor and struggling to put food on the table AJ tapped into the passion for helping people, that he started a public speaking career that now has him traveling the world.

For many of us, change is difficult, so much so that it becomes paralyzing. One of the things that AJ talks about is how important it is to take action now. The longer you wait, the harder it will become to chase down your dreams. Once you lock onto that big dream, you can begin to take action and embrace change in your life one day at a time.

More about AJ Adams (http://www.ajadamsonline.com/bio)

Awarded “Best of 2015” and ranked in the Top 3 of motivational speakers in his home city of Phoenix, AZ, AJ will shed a bright light of the often overlooked principles that build success and significance. He will teach your audience about The Other Half of Success. AJ takes you beyond the cliche’ one-liners or dreaming big and setting lofty goals, and teaches you what it really takes to achieve the success you deserve. The Other Half of Success is a message packed with inspiring stories and practical principles to help you take action NOW! On and off stage, AJ delivers the “Aha!” moments that inspire audience members to take action. Meeting planners only wish they had hired AJ for past events!

AJ will teach your people how to:

  • Shift from passive workers, students, and staff in the organization to becoming active contributors to its success
  • Take ownership of their individual success and performanceWork with greater sense of passion and purpose
  • Position themselves to achieve greater success and produce greater results, thus adding greater value to their organization

How to connect with AJ Adams:

AJ Adams on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast #76

  • Instagram: @imajadams
  • Snap: imajadams
  • Bonus Material: http://www.ajadamsonline.com/ig-masterclass-replay
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How To Get Out Of A Rut

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

Episode #69 with Barbara Siemen, Founder of The Chick Wire

Stop the excuses…go do what you love! I just signed up for an adult dance class, and I suck at dancing

Imagine building a blog, a social media following, and a highly engaged audience – and then receiving a letter from a Fortune 100 business telling you to shut it all down…

That is exactly what happened to Barara Siemen, and her first blog “Farm Barbie”. Her original blog shared her life “on the farm” and her name was “Barbara”, so “Farm Barbie” was a perfect fit – unless your Mattel!

After a tough legal battle, Barbra had no choice but to shut everything down. For most people, that would be the end of blogging. Driven by a purpose to create a stronger generation of women (especially for her daughter) she dusted herself off and reemerged as The Chick Wire.

Now, Barbra shares stories of empowering women from students to a firefighter.

Howdy folks! I’m Barbara, Founder of The Chick Wire (formerly Farm Barbie). I grew up a city chick but now I live on a farm in Michigan with my husband, Darrin, and children, Elliott, Adrienne, and Riley. We have milk cows, beef cattle, and grow corn, wheat, sugar beets and hay in Huron and Sanilac counties…

After a traumatic encounter with an older boyfriend at barely 18 years old, I was broken, afraid, and suspicious of everyone. Then, in college, I met an adorable farmer with big muscles and he promised to always love me, never hurt me, and take me places. I fell in love with him, his occupation, and his community.

Through all the years we’ve been together, I’ve been broken and repaired many times. I’ve had many surgeries, injuries, and lived in extraordinary and unexplainable pain. I found respite in connecting with consumers and other farmers through blogging.
However, in early 2016, blogging as Farm Barbie ended due to a legal dispute with Mattel, and I was broken again. After months of struggling with depression, feelings of inferiority, and lack of purpose, I realized I didn’t even know my true authentic self. I had completely immersed myself in the farming lifestyle, while raising children, being a good wife, and trying to forget my painful past. But, I had never developed ME as a woman.

The Chick Wire is my journey of discovering myself through connecting with you. I think everyone is interesting, and has a story to tell. I’ve hidden my story for too long, and the shame of it has stolen my sparkle for 20 years. But that record is getting broken now, too. Slowly, my pieces are coming back together.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • How to rebound by taking action
  • The crucial role vulnerability plays in your personal growth
  • Why you should start a podcast
  • How “listening” will open new doors, and build better relationships

How to connect with Barbara Siemen:




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How to make a living doing what you love

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #60

How to make a living doing what you love with Christien Louviere CEO of SellPersonal

Everybody has an expertise in something – now go out and monetize yours.

Forget the resume! Forget the 9-to-5! We live in a digital world and if you don’t have a personal brand you are going to be left behind…

This week’s guest, Christien Louviere, has built a business around helping people establish their personal brands and enabled them to monetize their expertise. What blew me away with Christien, was how found this journey and he himself realized that he could monetize his very own expertise.

What you will learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • Why you must have a personal brand
  • How to monetize your expertise
  • Where to find ideas to monetize
  • Where to get started building your personal brand

How to connect with Christien Louviere:


Website: https://sellpersonal.com/
Twitter: @CLouvi
SnapChat: @CLouvi


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The secret to personal and professional growth

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #58

The secret to personal and professional growth with Sunniva Holt

[ctt template=”10″ link=”BeAaG” via=”yes” ]”There is no growth in your comfort zone” – Sunniva Holt, on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast #HOP #GrowthMindset @douglasjfoley[/ctt]

I was introduced to Sunniva by show favorite, Regan Hillyer who appeared on Episode #31, so I knew that she was going to be a great fit for the show, and she hit it out of the park (sorry, for the baseball analogy, but I still pumped about the Toronto Blue Jays postseason success).

Sunniva Hold is a serial entrepreneur, property developer, coach, speaker, social media queen and author of “The Hustle Life” (a must read). She is also a self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 30, and uses her expertise to teach people around the world how to accelerate their levels of successful results and outcomes from a stockpile of experience across multiple business and wellness related disciplines.

Like many of the guests of the show Sunniva broke the traditional mold of working your 9-to-5 to start what has become a real estate empire. There are so many great life lessons throughout this interview that you can apply to your life immediately.

One of the most interesting stories, was how Sunniva found a way to create an incredible personal brand that helped her health by eating raw foods, with her direct and “raw” commentary. That brand evolved into “The Daily Raw” (click here).

What you will learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • The benefits of eating wall to your entire life
  • How to grow in every aspect of your life (professionally and personally)
  • Why you need to own who you are, and understand criticism (no the haters)
  • How to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

How to connect with Sunniva Holt:

Sunniva Holt on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast - Episode 58

Facebook: The Daily Raw
Facebook: Sunniva Holt
Instagram: @TheDailyRaw
Instagram: @sunnivaholt
Listener Bonus – Click Here


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The most epic podcast of all time with @averagejoemoney

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #53 with Joe Saul-Sehy, Host of Stacking Benjamins

The Most Epic Podcast of All Time

Feel the fear and do it anyways

I have a big confession to make…

Before recording this episode, I was really struggling with what was next with The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast, do I continue, do I pack it in, do I take some time off?

Fortunately, I interviewed Joe Saul-Sehy, and was instantly motivated by his story.

“At age 40 I sold my successful business…even though things were going really well. I was inspired by a mentor who was actually younger than me who said, “I have other mountains to climb.” He then literally went and climbed Everest twice. I decided to become a school teacher, which morphed into a financial blogger, which led to the podcast. A year ago I dumped ALL the other stuff to focus on the podcast and it’s been a fantastic move.”

What I surprised me in this interview, was the fact that Joe created another podcast with every intention to “kill it.” He knew that he had no idea what he was doing when it came to launching a podcast, so instead of letting fear hold him back – he jumped right in and learned quickly. The lessons he learned from TAKING ACTION enabled him to create an award winning podcast in “Hosting Benjamins Podcast,” which won the 2014 Plutus Award, given by the financial blogging community, for best money podcast.

The fail fast mentality wasn’t the only reason Joe succeeded. He borrowed another great principal from “Austin Kleon’s”  book; “Steal Like an Artist.” He applied this principle of identifying the all of the things he liked and what worked with other podcasts to create “Hosting Benjamins Podcast.” This also allowed Joe to build something that he loved to do.

Finally, one of the more fun stories Joe shared was the complete and epic failure Walt Disney had when he opened his amusement parks. Apparently, it was just awful – but the investors and everyone involved were so committed (financially) that they had no choice to continue to fund Walt’s dream otherwise they would have lost everything. Failure wasn’t an option.

If you’re struggling with finding direction, or feel like quitting, this episode will help you turn things around. It’s a great story about how Joe built an entirely new business at the age of 40 and is having the time of his life.

Big lessons from this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • How to acknowledge fear, and move forward
  • How to “Steal like an artist”
  • Why it’s ok to start a new business at 40
  • How to create a career you will love

How to connect with Joe Saul-Sehy:

Episode #53 w. Joe Saul-Sehy


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How breaking the rules will unlock your full potential

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #51

It’s time to man up and own your future with Charlene Gilman

But you are gaining weight at the same time, feeling low on energy, and you know in the back of your mind this “love” for eating is going to have to change.

Instead of facing the truth, you decide to eat more, buy larger size clothing, and fall under a list of new health issues that are coming your way (click here to listen to this Episode of ‘My Time is Now with Charlene Gilman).

“Charlene Gilman is a Business Executive Sage, Author, Speaker, and Podcaster dedicated to helping executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations around the country to create an evolving roadmap to achieving their business goals! Read more about her elite organization here: Executive Edgeworks.”

I was excited to interview Charlene as soon as I read the title of our recent book, “Wake Up, Break the Rules. It’s time to man up and live your destined life.

The fact that the title was so bold, I knew we were going to have a powerful conversation, and we did!

Charlene went deep into how important it is to build a relationship with yourself first before you embark on a journey to build a better life. The way she broke down how to get there was so simple and logical I know that you will get a lot from the episode.

What you will learn on this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • How to build a relationship with yourself
  • Is an MBA really worth it?
  • How breaking the rules will unlock your true potential

How to connect with Charlene Gilman:

Charlene Gilman on Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

Website: Exec Edgeworks (http://www.execedgeworks.com/)
Podcast: My Time is Now (https://mytimeisnow.co)
Book: Wake Up! Break Rules! (http://www.wakeupbreakrules.com/)



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From near suicide to complete freedom and a 6-figure business (in 3 years)

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #50

How Milena Cerin went From near suicide to complete freedom and a 6-figure business (in 3 years)

don’t die with the music still left inside you

From the moment I hit record – my jaw hit the floor…

Normally, when I interview guests, there is a typical pattern that goes something like this; they went to school, graduated from university, realized they picked the wrong career and hate the field they are in, and then quit to pursue their passion.

Today could not be further from that pattern!

Today’s guest opens with a story about finding love, or so she thought and being left to fend for herself and her children with absolutely nothing – literally begging for just enough money to be passed under the basement door – where she had been relegated too – just to eat.

This level of pain led her to an incredibly dark place, where at times she contemplated suicide just so she and her kids wouldn’t have to suffer…

That pain led to one of the biggest revelations, and what is now a 6-figure business.

Milena Cerin is a coach, speaker, and best-selling author. She has built her business on the ashes of personal tragedy and built a 6 figure business in 3 years. She believes living life on purpose is what brings happiness and success. Her message is that everyone has a voice.

I could not more thrilled than to share this as my 50th episode because it is one of the most vulnerable, heart-warming and motivating interviews to date!

What will you learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • How to live life on purpose
  • The reason you must embrace your childlike curiosity
  • How gratitude saved Milena’s life
  • How to discover the unique gift inside each and every one of us

How to connect with Milena Cerin:

Milena Cerin on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast
Twitter: @milenacerin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milenahgresults
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulbusinessandlife
Website: http://hgresults.com
Website: http://training.milenacerin.com

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HOP #47: How to have and be whatever you want in life with Drew Taddia

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #47 with Drew Taddia

How to have and be whatever you want in life with Drew Taddia

Imagine this…you have a dream of becoming professional baseball player – but live in a country that can only play baseball 4 months out of the year, meanwhile everyone else you are competing against for a spot is playing 10, and often 12 months a year…

So what do you do?

You dream so big and work hard enough that failure is never an option!

Today’s guest did just that, and went on to be known as the ‘go-to’ guy regarding fitness and nutrition and has built an incredible company around helping people to reduce stress, avoid toxins and stand out from the competition.

What will you learn in today’s episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • How to follow your passion and make it your career
  • What a proper detox will do for your body – and how to make it a sustainable life changing event
  • How to reduce stress through diet
  • How to create a sustainable lifestyle
  • The importance of dreaming big and having whatever you want in life

How to connect with Drew Taddia:

Drew Taddia on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

BONUS: Help Drew celebrate his five year anniversary with the launch of his app with a few bonuses: http://trueformlife.com/emb-app/
Membership Link: http://trueformlife.com/membership-early-bird-special/
My main website: Trueformlife.com
Radio website: Exploringmindandbody.com
Facebook page: Facebook.com/trueformlife

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