It’s Time To Finally Live Life On YOUR Terms…

Doug Foley spent 20 years on an entrepreneurial journey from blogging to multi-level marketing, to startups, to scaling marketing agencies, raising capital for startups and everything in between.

He will help you to find your passion, take actionable steps, and build the blueprint for the life and business you want and deserve by leveraging AI.

How He Helps?

Find your passion, take action, and build a lifestyle you love
Unlock your potential and achieve greater success through engaging and insightful speaking sessions with Doug Foley. As a seasoned entrepreneur and thought leader, Doug shares his wealth of knowledge to inspire and empower individuals and organizations.
- Gain actionable insights and strategies for immediate implementation.
- Learn from real-world examples and practical advice tailored to diverse audiences.
- Navigate the complexities of today's business landscape and achieve your goals.
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Have you always felt the entrepreneurial itch but aren't sure where to start? Doug Foley's Entrepreneur Action Academy is designed just for you. Doug's training programs provide the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.
- Comprehensive curriculum covering business principles to advanced strategies.
- Interactive, hands-on training addressing real challenges faced by entrepreneurs.
- Clear roadmap for your business with actionable strategies for growth.
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Ready to build your own empire and live on your own terms? Doug Foley's consulting services provide the freedom to leverage your genius without the guilt and fear of letting people down.
- Personalized consulting tailored to your business needs in marketing, sales, AI, and raising capital.
- Hands-on approach to identify growth opportunities and streamline operations.
- Expert support to boost revenue, expand market reach, and enhance operational efficiency.
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Hear What Others Have To Say…

We’re a trustworthy bunch but hey, it never hurts to hear what other people say
about us. Especially when it’s as complimentary as this…
Curt Knight
Broker Manager, TrilliumWest
Doug and his team are the
real deal.

Best of all, complex topics are explained in a way that even the least techy person can understand and piece the puzzle together.

It has been a breath of fresh air working with someone that takes the time to learn the business and provide a plan that fits with our specific needs- a true partner in marketing!

Jen Berson
Founder & President, JenerationPR
Prior to working with Doug and his team, I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads that generated unqualified, cold leads. Doug implemented a simple, engaging content and advertising strategy that saved me money and brought in targeted, qualified prospects that actually purchased from me. Doug was able to share his expertise in a way that was easy to understand, and his approach allowed us to pivot as needed. I had the least stressful launch in my business thanks to the Foley Media team!
Mitch Atkins
President, Shoot For Success
Thanks to Doug I get to wake up every day and do
what I love. Seeing players relive the exciting moments that I experienced along my hockey journey gives me great joy. Doug has helped take my company to new levels, providing insight
to continue company growth and increase client satisfaction. Let Doug help you find your passion. When you do what you love every day it’s fulfilling and fun, not work.


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