Doug Foley – Podcast Host and Creative Problem Solver

Entrepreneurship is the shovel we use to dig a path to a brighter future – Jeff Hoffman

My Goal:

I want to help you find your passion, take action, and build a lifestyle you love!

My Mission (by Jan. 4, 2023)

  1. Help 1,000 people land their dream job or create a 7-figure business
  2. Help majority privately held, mission focused companies scale to $1Billion ($100Million in profit) so that they can leverage their profits to make a positive impact in the world (thanks, David Whorton, Jeff Hoffman, and Tom Bilyeu for the inspiration!)

How am I going to do that?

  1. It starts by helping people find their dream job – you can sign up below if that’s you!
  2. Reach as many people as I can through “The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast” to inspire listeners to find happiness in what they choose to do every day, not pursuing happiness
  3. Align my career with companies that are growth-focused and leveraging technology and profit as a device for exponential growth
  4. Leverage my passion for marketing & communication with my skill set of strategy, complex problem-solving, and how to build a digital lead generation platform (learn more here)

How am I progressing to my goal?

There have been some many changes in direction, shifting focus, and exciting new opportunities that have presented themselves since I launched the podcast.

After interviewing over 100+ inspiring people, I realized that each and every one of us has an incredible gift to give to the world. We each have an expertise, a unique talent, an ability to share, that sets us all apart – and others are in need your help!

When I started The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast, it was my way to give back and share the stories of ordinary people who had done extraordinary things. That journey has led me down an incredible path and lit a fire to inspire everyone to find a passion, take action and design your dream lifestyle.

Please let me know how I can help you? (I read every email so let me know)

Connect with me on social media:
Twitter: @douglasjfoley
Instagram: @douglasjfoley

Who is Doug Foley?

Doug Foley - Host of The Happiness of Pursuit PodcastAt an early age I sought leadership positions; captaining sports teams throughout high school and continuing that role in college as Captain of the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Division 1 Golf Team; where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. I also served as the President of the Student Government Association, a role that allowed me to unite and mentor fellow student leaders and student athletes.

After graduating, I have held a number of sales and marketing related roles. I excelled at nurturing relationships and finding new business (it must be the ‘hunter’ mentality). That ability has resulted in double-digit growth in each of my roles. Each of these experiences increased my appreciation for business partnerships. In each role, I was able to secure business partnerships that enabled companies to accelerate their growth, while providing increased value to our clients.

In 2014, my wife and I, were blessed with our daughter. This major life event challenged me to become a better person; as a husband, employee, and father. It pushed me to begin a journey into health and wellness, and personal development.

In 2015, we welcomed our Son to our family.

Both of these experiences have to leave a legacy that my children can look up to. I has pushed me to focus on helping others to achieve greatness by sharing my journey and providing them with tools they need to take action and build a more fulfilling life.

I am currently working on two books that have been inspired by the stories from the guests of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast.

The Business of Doing Pleasure: How to create a career and life doing what you love

The Platform Playbook: 7-Day Workbook to Building a Powerful Personal Brand