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Why I created the ‘Happiness of Pursuit Podcast’

Welcome everyone to the very first Episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast. This has been a big goal of mine for the last few years and I am so thrilled and grateful to have finally accomplished this milestone. I want to give you some background on why I created this podcast and who it’s for.

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I have been very fortunate to have some amazing experiences over my lifetime, and nothing was more rewarding than the birth of our daughter Harper.

Everyone always says that becoming a parent changes you. When I first heard that, I just took it with a grain of salt – obviously having a kid changes you. Now after going through a very challenging pregnancy I can honestly say it did change me – big time!

The last month and a half of the pregnancy we were told that our daughter had a high likelihood of a number of health issues from down-syndrome to cystic fibrosis. My wife and I spent the next 6 weeks taking weekly trips to the hospital for blood tests, ultrasounds and countless sleepless nights trying to find answers.

Fortunately, a miracle, our daughter was born without any health issues. We were very fortunate. There are millions of people who have had, and still do have, a much more challenging life than we do.

What did happen to me, however, was a massive change, and for the better.  I spent the last year immersed in books, podcasts, and blogs trying to learn what I could do to be better in order to provide for my family and to contribute more to society – the common lesson from the best and brightest minds in the world was to live a life of service, to give back, and help those around you to succeed.

As part of my journey to live a life of service, I am thrilled to be starting this podcast. The Happiness of Pursuit podcast dissects how ordinary people found a passion that changed their life. They have leveraged their passion and created value for others.

I’m excited to share how ordinary people followed their passions to create extraordinary lives and to help you find happiness in the pursuit of your dreams.

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