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How decluttering your life will lead to big wins


The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #63 with Julie Coraccio

How decluttering your life will lead to big wins

Follow your heart and you will unlock amazing possibilities

I have to make a confession…

I had never heard of a CPO before, yet when Julie Coraccio shared her perspective on why she chose to the title of “Chief Possibility Officer” it all came together.

Julie is an award-winning professional organizer, author and certified life coach in Raleigh, NC. She is passionate about supporting people in creating the life they choose, deserve and desire. She also hosts the popular weekly podcast “Clearing the Clutter Inside & Out.

Julie is passionate about supporting you in getting organized and clearing clutter so you can share your gifts with the world.

What really blew me away with Julie’s story was how she took a career as a nanny to hosting a TV show and now as an entrepreneur. Every story she shares provides inspiration to those who are stuck trying to understand how they make the leap into building a better life.

What will you learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • How decluttering will open up opportunity in all areas of your life
  • Why you need to declutter your mind and body (not just get rid of your stuff)
  • How Julie went from Nanny to Entrepreneur

How to connect with Julie Coraccio:

Julie Caraccio on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast
Website: http://reawakenyourbrilliance.com/
Podcast: http://reawakenyourbrilliance.com/self-help-podcast/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReawakenYourBrilliance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReawakeBrillian
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SeibertRadio

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