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HOP #5: How an ordinary couple took an extraordinary journey to raise money for cancer – Meredith and Scott Weldon

Happiness of Pursuit

Happiness of Pursuit Podcast Episode #5

How Scott and Meredith Weldon cycled across the country to raise money for Cancer.

It was an absolute honour to interview two very close friends of mine to share their story, and an epic journey riding over 7,000 km (4,400 miles) raising over $50,000 and making memories that will give you chills (in a great way).

This is one of the most emotional episodes I have done to date and was the exact reason I choose to do this podcast. This ordinary couple took their passion to do something extraordinary if you find something you’re passionate about.

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In this episode, Scott and Meredith share the emotional story about the children, the families and the amazing doctors and support staff who are helping cancer patients across Canada. You will learn how these interactions fueled their drive and kept them going.

Meredith and Scott both share encounters as they went across the country including the story of a mom who choose to ride her daughter’s mountain bike, which didn’t fit her and was in incredible pain – but persevered to the end.

Here is an incredible video showing the journey (skip to 20:00 for their segment):

The biggest take away from this podcast, which you will hear at the end is that you need to “just do it” and that “everyone has something they are passionate about.”

How can you help Scott and Meredith?

100% of your donations go directly to the oncology camps; none of which are government funded, and two of which would have closed their doors if it weren’t for Tour for Kids.  Event costs are covered by registration fees and corporate sponsorships so you can be confident that your donation is truly making a difference in the life of a child and not the people who organize the events.  Since 2004, Tour for Kids has raised more than $10 million for these three camps!….let’s make it $11 million!

To find out more, or to donate, please follow these links:

Meredith’s page:

Scott’s page:

Here are some additional links to learn more:

Tour For Kids Website:

Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation:


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