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How childlike curiosity led to a career in startups with Zvi Band


The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode 28

How childlike curiosity led to a career in startups with Zvi Band, co-founder of Contactually.

When I was young, I would switch career paths based on whatever cool thing I had seen recently. I started out at 3 wanting to be a garbage man, mostly because the trucks were cool. At 5, I wanted to be a pilot after flying to Disney, and at 10, I wanted to be a marine biologist after a trip to an aquarium. Now, at 33, I have finally realized that I love to create, something I shared with this week’s guest; Zvi Band, co-founder of Contactually and two DC Meet-ups.

Zvi’s journey started with a Lego room that he had in his childhood home and his entrepreneurial journey started not too long after, and what became a career in startups.

When I was in high school, I ran Skeevis Windows/Internet Newsletter, a weekly newsletter with Windows tips, tricks, and funny jokes. It grew to over 3,000 subscribers. I loved it.

Zvi considers himself a Founder, a Hacker, and a Community Builder. In this episode we talk about how all three of those characteristics led to him co-founding Contactually (which I am a huge fan of), and two DC Meet-ups; Proudly Made In DC and DC Tech Meetup.

I believe strongly in the power of personal associations and connections, so send me an email. I respond to every one. Unless you’re the son of the deposed kind of Nigeria, or are trying to sell me home security systems or happy pills. Here’s my emial:

What you will learn on this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • The importance of childhood curiosity
  • How to find the things you are most passionate about
  • What to do when you are in a funk, and how to get out of it
  • Why networking is crucial in your career and business
  • How to network like a pro

More about Zvi Band:

Zvi Band on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast
Website (Personal):
Website (Business):
Twitter: @skeevis


Doug Foley
Doug Foley is a podcast host, content marketer, and problem solver. He is also the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters, a proud father of 2, and is on a mission to help people find their passion, take action, and build the life they want to live. He frequently writes about entrepreneurship, personal development, and motivation.
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