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How saying yes led to a dream career wrestling and studying sharks


The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #41

How Saying Yes Led to a Dream Career Wrestling Sharks with Conservationist, Captain and Angler Elliot Sudal

I originally reached out to Elliot after seeing a photo of him catching a massive 500 lbs shark from the beach…

What I learned next absolutely shocked me.

Elliot has some of the most insane stories I have ever heard, from spending 8 days at sea in a raft, to being headbutted by a 10 foot Tiger shark.

A photo posted by Elliot Sudal (@acksharks) on

If his mouth was open instead of shut, I wouldn’t be here today…

In this episode Elliot shares a ton of great stories that all come back to the core lesson of finding your passion, taking action and saying “yes” – in a short sentence, “Just Do It.”   

How to connect with Elliot Sudal:


Setting sandbars at sunset 🔥 #dragscreamer #Sanibel #sharks video @ram_fish A video posted by Elliot Sudal (@acksharks) on

Instagram: @acksharks


Happiness of Pursuit Podcast w Elliot Sudal

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