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My Most Vulnerable Post and 8 Life Lessons from Podcasting


The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #30 (Bonus Episode)

My Most Vulnerable Post and 8 Life Lessons from Podcasting

These past six months have been a manifestation of what it meant to me to launch The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast to help people find a passion and take action. I put off launching this podcast for a little over 8 months for so many reasons. Literally, I had every ‘typical’ excuse you could think of, but I soon realized that I wasn’t the only person making excuses. It was time for me to “burn the boats”, (a success theory I’ll talk about shortly) and just do it!

With a 15-month-old daughter and baby boy on the way, I jumped in. I knew that if I didn’t launch The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast, I would put it off forever and be kicking myself year after year as the excuses piled up.

Today’s episode and blog post recaps some of the greatest life lessons I have learned from my podcast guests, plus a few big announcements.

When I started this podcast, I simply wanted to inspire listeners to find their inner greatness and realize that happiness is a choice. The key to finding that happiness comes from doing the things you love and surrounding yourself with people of a similar mindset.

What happened over the next 6 months was completely unexpected! I became even more inspired to help people find their passion and build an action plan to living a dream lifestyle.

Before I get to the big life lessons, I wanted to share some big announcements coming up this year:

  1. I will be adding a new series of episodes to the podcast to answer questions about the more tactical side of building a platform, and how to leverage that platform to advance your career, or build your own business.
  2. I will also be launching a YouTube Channel to support these tactical questions, and show you  the tools and Apps I use to keep my sanity and be more productive. It is incredibly difficult to manage a growing career, a young family and launching a platform to help thousands of people, but I will show you exactly how I do it all.
  3. This Spring I will be starting a webinar series with some of my past guests to dig even deeper into their success. We will be working with listeners to answer their burning questions and helping them gain a better understanding of the hard work and dedication behind the building a successful business.
  4. Finally, and this is my biggest update for 2016, I have started writing a book and will be launching a KickStarter campaign mid-Summer to support the launch. The goal of the book is to help people make transitions in their life to a better career or kick-off their entrepreneurial journey by focusing on their passions and taking action.

Needless to say, there’s a lot on my plate, and I could not be more thrilled. It was important for me to share this with you to keep me accountable and build on the momentum that my guests and listeners have inspired within me.

Now on to my life lessons from my podcast guests…

Doug Foley - Host of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

8 Major Life Lessons I learned:

#1 I need to learn to ride a bike!

2 of my guests have rode bikes from coast to coast, raising an insane amount of money for Cancer and Female Entrepreneurship…I joked with both guests that I could barely survive the 15-minute bike ride my wife and I took on our honeymoon, yet they endured thousands of miles (or kilometers for our Canadian, Australian and European listeners). The reason I choose this to be my first big lesson was because it showed me that when you believe in something and take action, you can literally change the world! I still get chills thinking about how Sarah and Mary were able to impact 3,200 families by taking this journey on, and how Scott and Meredith brought smiles to so many kids and families who struggle to battle cancer.

#2 How to bounce back, no matter what the circumstance.

Two of my guests had injuries that most people would just accept and play the “victim” card for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, neither of them did and both have completely redefined what hard work and success look like! April Vokey was in a horrific car accident, leaving her near broke, unable to work and in an immense amount pain. In such a dark moment, most people in that circumstance would have relied on government assistance, and likely developed some type of drug dependency – not April. She created one of the most resilient personal brands in the fishing industry! Ironically, another B.C. resident had a similar story. Julien Bahain shared how he rowed across the ocean in an attempt to break a world record, which was stunted by a tropical storm. After hearing this soul-shattering story, I was thinking to myself, this guy is incredible…then he followed it up with an even bigger story – this past winter, he sneezed, yes SNEEZED, and ruptured one of his disks in his spine. He was nearly paralyzed and in immeasurable pain. What happened next blew my mind – he was so focused on his rehab, he not only walked quickly but went on to win the world championships, followed by a Gold Medal in the July PanAm Games. He is currently training for the Brazil Olympics, and if I were any other rower, I would be looking for Silver, because nobody is going to beat his work ethic and drive!

#3 How to GO FOR IT!

Continuing with the sports theme, Angelika Schriber has one of the most powerful fighter stories of any of my guests. She was willing to work multiple jobs to save enough money to take a shot at competing in World Championships for Wakeboarding. Not only did she compete, but she set the wakeboarding world on fire winning multiple world championships and is still on a tear! What inspired me was her dedication to knowing that she would win, and she made sure that winning was her only way to stay on tour. It reminds me of one of my favorite entrepreneurial quotes;

“If you want to take the island you need to burn the boats.”

I am not saying people should be reckless, but when you leave an easy way out, which is usually the path of least resistance, that tends to be the path you take and in the process you don’t accomplish your dreams. When you “burn the boats” and don’t have a way out, other than success, your likelihood of becoming a world champion are much higher.

#4 Embrace your inner childhood curiosity.

When you were younger, chances are you wanted to be something really inspiring like an astronaut, a doctor, or a weather man (I still hang on to that one). As we get older we get told that we are supposed to follow a specific path – go to school, get good grades, graduate from a top college, get a “good job”, work hard, get a promotion…that is one of the saddest things I have heard, because it was the same path I followed. The world is full of opportunity to do what you love. There are so many multi-million dollar businesses that have been created in 4-5 years by people who have focused on their passion.

No matter if you are 14, or 45, there is so much opportunity to change careers or create a business around something you’re passionate about. Over the last 6 months I have met so many people, like Ashley Welch, and Kate Edwards, and Maggie Oldham; who are changing the rules and left their traditional careers to become matchmakers and an Etiquette Coach. Both of which I had no idea even had the potential to be a career, yet these women are living their dream everyday! They are following a passion, and I could hear the happiness in their voice as they told their stories. It is hard work, but;

“when you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work.”

#5 The importance of authenticity.

One of the most common excuses I hear when I ask someone; “why they haven’t chased their dream career, or built a business?” is something like this – ‘it’s too crowded,’ or ‘there is too much competition.’ The reason that frustrates me so much, is because there is only one “YOU”. You have a wealth of experiences and knowledge that equates to tremendous value to the right audience.

The reason that frustrates me so much, is because there is only one “YOU”. You have a wealth of experiences and knowledge that equates to tremendous value to the right audience. The reason a given market is often crowded is because there is opportunity, and demand. It is looking for someone like you to put your spin on it, and offer your unique perspective to solving the industry problems.

If everyone looked at “crowded” markets and gave up, we would never have innovation. We need disruptors like you who are willing to push the limits and raise their hand. It has never been easier to launch your own platform, and there is a massive opportunity to share your greatness with the world.

#6 Have a clear vision.

I have heard a lot of personal development gurus talk about vision boards as part of goal setting, but the way Andrew Sawyer described his vision while in rehab was so crystal clear and profound, that it blew my mind. I will put a link to his interview since his version of the story because I won’t do it the justice it deserves (click here). What I took from his story was how important it was to be crystal clear on what you want, and how that focus will empower you to draw on your inner greatness and overcome any obstacle.

#7 Focus on value, not income.

This theme came up in almost every single podcast I had, but Zach Obront really articulated the difference between being income oriented and being mission focused really well. If you are income oriented, and just looking to make money on the side, it’s doable at the beginning, but if you want to be really successful over a long period of time, that won’t last. You will begin to resent your choice and start to hate life.

This is one of the big reasons I created the podcast, to inspire people to find a passion. Being successful in any field takes time, endurance and a lot of long hard days. One of the most profound examples of someone who has made a ton of money but was miserable is Tom Bilyeu, Founder of Quest Nutrition.

I’ll link to his recent podcast with Tony Robbins where he shares the story (click here), but long story short he and his three business partners had a profit-focused business, and after a few years and a ton of money, they absolutely hated life! They made the pivot to tackle obesity, and now have a mission-focused business, that is one of the fastest growing companies in the US according to Fast Company. It also led to one of the most transformational podcasts I have heard with Inside Quest!

This leads me to one of my most profound lessons:

#8 Finding your Passion and Taking Action!

This is the core of podcast; and something that I hold very dear to me. It is what jolts me out of bed at 4  in the morning to help people find what Jeff Hoffman, Founder of, refers to as their “Golden Purpose.”

Your Golden Purpose is the intersection of:

  1. The thing you’re best at,

  2. The thing you love doing, and,

  3. Something the world values.

Every single guest on the show shared stories about how they had this burning desire to do something more with their lives, and they took action. Some of the guests built software companies, apps, while others took complete 180’s, like Jen Berson leaving a stable career in Law to start a PR agency…she was just featured in Forbes (see it here) and continues to blow my mind with how she has balances a family, and a growing business; she is the definition of a mompreneur. What has stayed with me, was the fact that each and every one of the guests, jumped in with both feet to help solve unique problems. They had a selflessness that has turned into amazing businesses and supported so many great causes.

What do you do next?

There is never going to be a convenient time to make big changes in your life!

What this past 6 months has shown me has fundamentally changed who I am, and how I attack life. It has made me believe in my mission to help people find the greatness inside them: To inspire them to find their passion, take action and make a dent in the world.

As Scott told me in my third interview, “everyone is passionate about something.” The question I will leave you with today is;

Are you going to let that passion die inside you, or will you take action and start living the life you deserve?


Thanks to all of my guests, to all the listeners, and mostly to my wife Carrie for making it possible for me to chase my dreams and share my expertise and time with the world! I am so excited to continue this journey with you. We have some amazing guests scheduled in the coming weeks.

Doug Foley
Doug Foley is a podcast host, content marketer, and problem solver. He is also the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters, a proud father of 2, and is on a mission to help people find their passion, take action, and build the life they want to live. He frequently writes about entrepreneurship, personal development, and motivation.
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