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2015 was a massive year for me! It was one of the most transformative years of my life. I celebrated the birth of our second child, started a dream job and launched a The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast.

After interviewing over 30 inspiring people, I realized that each and every one of us has an incredible gift to give to the world. We each have an expertise, a unique talent, an ability to share, that sets us all apart – and others are in need your help!

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When I started The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast, it was my way to give back and share the stories of ordinary people who had done extraordinary things. That journey has led me down an incredible path and lit a fire to inspire everyone to find a passion, take action and design your dream lifestyle.

To help you get started, I have put together a FREE 7-Day Email Course called “The Platform Playbook,” (click here) which will help you develop your personal platform so you can accelerate your career and your business.

What’s in The Platform Playbook Email Course?

Finding your Passion:

Every single person I interviewed so far has commented on how passion (or purpose, and meaning) were the driving force behind their successes. Whether that was building businesses, to personal coaching, winning Gold medals, and riding from coast to coast to raise money for a cause – they all connected with a passion and took action to make a massive change in the world.

Once you have found your passion, it becomes much clearer to make decisions on the things you will do in your life, and even more important becomes clearer for you to communicate the value you can bring to others.

Taking Action:

In the course, we will share examples of people who took action on the things that they loved to create wildly successful business, helped change the lives for thousands of families, and more important found true happiness in everyday life simple by doing.

We will give you the tactical tools and templates you need to develop a clear message on your personal brand, and how to share that message across your social networks.

Designing Your Dream Lifestyle:

Finally, we will share the proven methodologies behind building a road map to your dream lifestyle, whether that is finding your dream job, building your own business, or pursuing a philanthropic cause.

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