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The Secret to Happiness – How this simple act changed my life

Secret to Happiness

Have you ever been stuck in a rut that seems like there is no end in sight? No matter how hard you try, for every step forward you take 2 backward?

I’ve been there! A little over 2 months ago I started doing something that radically changed my life, my career, and my relationships.

The secret to happiness is gratitude.

The science doesn’t lie, being happy comes from being gracious. 2 months ago I stumbled across an interview with Tim Ferris on Social Triggers. In the interview, he talks about battling with suicide, which shocked me, coming from a guy who’s had multiple NY Times Best Sellers.

In the podcast, he specifically talks about how gratitude and The Five Minute Journal (link here) helped him get his focus back.

The simplest,
most effective thing
You can do everyday
to be happier. – Five Minute Journal

I want to be 100% clear, this is not an ad for the App. I get no retribution for this article. I have just had such amazing results that I had to share.

To better explain the science behind happiness, here’s a great experiment that validates gratitude’s role in happiness  (it’s worth watching the whole video, but you can skip to 5:00 to get the gist).

Cultivate Gratitude: Gratitude is the opposite of depression and anxiety. It’s the conscious experience of appreciation of the gifts in our lives and the results are tangible.

Introspection: Ending the day on the right note can be essential to a good night’s sleep, eliminating negative thought loops and learning more about yourself.

Gratitude! That’s it! Over the last two months, I have used the Five Minute Journal App to practice being grateful every morning and every evening. Here are  my results:

  • I am genuinely happier
  • I had a deeper appreciation for my family
  • The things that used to frustrate me started to disappear
  • I was more driven and launched my podcast: Happiness of Pursuit
  • I became more productive
  • Improved focus on the important tasks
  • I am more motivated to help others succeed
  • It has even helped my golf game!

I remember the first two days I wasn’t sure what write, so I chose to do the obvious; health, family, and a great job. After just a few days I noticed I was more grateful for WHAT family, health, and a great job meant in my life. They each had a unique relevance to bringing happiness into my life – just as each of the individuals shared in the video (go back and watch the above video if you haven’t – it gives the message some powerful context).

I remember after about 2 weeks that I had this increased drive – a passion, a hyper-focus, a new hunger to give 200% to everything was important to me, and was able to say “No,” to the distractions and things that were less important.

It was like hitting a reset button everyday to focus on the things that mattered.

Change your strategy, change your result.
Change your story, change your life.
Change your state—you change it all! – Tony Robbins

“Change your state – you change it all!” Tony Robbins has changed millions of lives by helping people change their state of mind. This is precisely what happened to me. I had changed my state – I was happy!

As a direct result to being grateful, I completely changed the trajectory of my life, my career, and my relationships.

You can do the same by simply practicing the act of gratitude!


Doug Foley
Doug Foley is a podcast host, content marketer, and problem solver. He is also the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters, a proud father of 2, and is on a mission to help people find their passion, take action, and build the life they want to live. He frequently writes about entrepreneurship, personal development, and motivation.
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