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The secret to personal and professional growth


The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast – Episode #58

The secret to personal and professional growth with Sunniva Holt

[ctt template=”10″ link=”BeAaG” via=”yes” ]”There is no growth in your comfort zone” – Sunniva Holt, on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast #HOP #GrowthMindset @douglasjfoley[/ctt]

I was introduced to Sunniva by show favorite, Regan Hillyer who appeared on Episode #31, so I knew that she was going to be a great fit for the show, and she hit it out of the park (sorry, for the baseball analogy, but I still pumped about the Toronto Blue Jays postseason success).

Sunniva Hold is a serial entrepreneur, property developer, coach, speaker, social media queen and author of “The Hustle Life” (a must read). She is also a self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 30, and uses her expertise to teach people around the world how to accelerate their levels of successful results and outcomes from a stockpile of experience across multiple business and wellness related disciplines.

Like many of the guests of the show Sunniva broke the traditional mold of working your 9-to-5 to start what has become a real estate empire. There are so many great life lessons throughout this interview that you can apply to your life immediately.

One of the most interesting stories, was how Sunniva found a way to create an incredible personal brand that helped her health by eating raw foods, with her direct and “raw” commentary. That brand evolved into “The Daily Raw” (click here).

What you will learn in this episode of The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast:

  • The benefits of eating wall to your entire life
  • How to grow in every aspect of your life (professionally and personally)
  • Why you need to own who you are, and understand criticism (no the haters)
  • How to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

How to connect with Sunniva Holt:

Sunniva Holt on The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast - Episode 58

Facebook: The Daily Raw
Facebook: Sunniva Holt
Instagram: @TheDailyRaw
Instagram: @sunnivaholt
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Doug Foley
Doug Foley is a podcast host, content marketer, and problem solver. He is also the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters, a proud father of 2, and is on a mission to help people find their passion, take action, and build the life they want to live. He frequently writes about entrepreneurship, personal development, and motivation.
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