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What Golf Will Teach You About Life and Business


Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies. – Bobby Jones

For those who are unfamiliar with Bobby Jones, he was an engineer, a lawyer, and the greatest golfer to ever play the game. While his only “profession” was as a lawyer, he remains the only golfer to win the “Grand Slam”. If anyone tried to do that today, they would be called ‘insane’, or an entrepreneur!

What Bobby Jones did over his career is what so many people today are struggling with – finding that balance between family, career and his passion for the game of golf.


Passion plays an incredibly important part in life, and when you learn to embrace it, it will be one of the most powerful sources in every aspect of your life – in business and personal.

How do you find your passion?

how to find your passion

If you are able to connect with your passion, you will have the stamina to put in the long hours necessary to succeed. Think about the last time you were doing something you hated doing, versus something you are passionate about  – if it takes 4-6 years to be successful, which path do you think your chances of succeeding are highest?

Entrepreneurship is a long, hard and often lonely journey. It comes with a lot of ups and downs, and to be successful you need to roll with the punches, or as Bobby Jones put it;

you have to play the ball where it lies

What we can learn from his example is that in order to be truly successful, we need to do the best with what we have. Accept the bad bounces, and welcome the good ones, and when all else fails play the ball where it lies.

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Have a great week!

find your passion

Doug Foley
Doug Foley is a podcast host, content marketer, and problem solver. He is also the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters, a proud father of 2, and is on a mission to help people find their passion, take action, and build the life they want to live. He frequently writes about entrepreneurship, personal development, and motivation.
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